Chakra Healing Meditation is also a part of our holistic sciences.  At our yoga and Meditation center, we practice Chakra healing meditation using colorful spiritual energies. It’s a science that involves the exercise of mind along with the body. With the help of Chakra Healing Meditation, Spiritual energy is generated inside our body, which helps us to cure our body itself without any side effects.

The healing is carried out by the law of universal divine energy passing through the nadis (Energy Channels) and chakras which is located in the etheric body of human beings. It is the process of connecting with divine energy and transferring it to different parts of the body through neurons by the power of the mind.

Due to the complete or partial blockage of different chakras of our body, various diseases and complications are developed in our body. With the practice of proper and scientific meditation, the blocked chakras can be opened which leads to the effective management of physical and mental problems.

We have hundreds of Chakras that are always revolving and are vital for survival and out of those seven chakras are the main chakras. The four chakras are placed in our upper body (starting from chest to top of the head) and three located in the lower part of the body (starting from the stomach to base of the spine) These Chakras have their own distinct identity and consciousness.

Chakras can be differentiated according to their unique characteristics, which include the speed of rotation, color, size, and the ability to influence a certain body part.


The first center is called the Mooladhara Centre. It had four petals which are placed below the triangular bone. Due to the partially or fully blocked root chakra the weakness in the body, Arthritis, bones & amp; muscle-related problems will power, Happiness and contentment problems can arise. We can easily activate this chakra with the help of Empowering Neurobics.

The main benefits of this Neurobics are Making feel energetic and dynamic, releases all carbonic gases from muscles, Makes blood circulation very rapid, keep endocrinal glands in good working order, keeps cervical nerves in healthy condition

Swadhisthana is the second or sacral chakra and it is also related to the unconscious mind like mooladhara chakra. It is closely situated just behind and above mooladhara chakra. This chakra is related to the element of water and like the nature of water. It provides those qualities, enabling movement, change, and flexibility to the body and mind. Due to the partial or complete blockage of this chakra lot of implications can occur in the human body like Male and female reproductive organs, Bladder, Circulation, Imbalanced linked to low back trouble, Reproductive problems, Premenstrual syndrome, Urinary problems, Kidney, etc. We can open the Swadhisthana or Sacral Chakra with the help of purifying neurobics. This neurobics have many benefits like eliminates many hereditary diseases, Makes skin very soft and disease-free, Purifies blood & reduce the chances of blood pressure and increases immune system and strengthen the defence mechanism of the body.

The third chakra is called the manipura or solar plexus chakra. This chakra is involved in self-esteem, water energy, and the power of transformation. It governs digestion and metabolism system. It is associated with indigestion, Liver Problem, Ulcer, Acidity, diabetes, and obesity, etc. A fully activated third chakra supports us in overcoming inertia. This chakra can be activated with the help of Joyful Neurobics. The benefits of joyful neurobics are cleansed metabolic waste from our body, Accelerate heart rate, Strengthen the digestive system, and Increase appetite, etc.

The fourth chakra is the Heart Chakra, which is situated in the center of the chakra system. Its physical location is the heart, upper chest, and upper back. Due to the fully or partially blocked this chakra the Hypertension, Blood Pressure, CAD, Heart Attack, bronchitis, Asthama, and TB, etc complications can occur in human body. This chakra can be opened with the help of Loveful Neurobics. The befits of loveful neurobics are control blood pressure, Increases power of lungs and hearth, Tiredness disappear, Nerves get calm and better sleep.

Visuddhi Chakra is located at the pit of the throat is mainly associated with communication, Self Expression, etc. It is mainly associated with Thyroid Problem, ENT Problem, Asthama,

Allergy and Cold and Couth etc. It can be opened with the help of Peaceful Neurobics. This Neurobic opens up the Vishudhi Chakra and clears he upper respiratory tract clearing the lungs fully. Blood circulation is enlivened. The body experiences a feeling of warmth and peace removing depression and stress by making our mind healthy and resisting outside influences. Rids us of chromic fatigue syndrome relaxing all cells and tissues in the body.

The Third Eye Chakra (Ajna Chakra) is the sixth chakra in the human body. It is the pineal gland located in the center of the brain, directly behind the eyes. It is the origination of our inner vision and is considered widely as the sixth sense. The diseases that occur in the body due to blockages of third eye chakra are headache, Eye Problem, Nervous System disorder, and Migraine, etc. This chakra can be opened with the help of Enlightening Neruobics. The benefits of Enlightening neurobics are cures brain disorder, Increase psychic power, cure eye disorder, relief from migraine, Relives nerve disorders, Improve eye vision, increase memory and mind power, etc.

The Sahasrara or Crown Chakra is the seventh chakra among the seven traditional chakras. It is located on the top of our head. This chakra is connected to our wisdom, intellect, and our understanding, etc. This chakra is associated with the Pineal gland, Right brain hemisphere, Ancient Mammalian Brain, Imbalance linked to migraine, headaches, and insomnia, pituitary problems, and epilepsy, etc. This chakra can be opened by Blissful Sound Neurobics. The benefits of blissful neurobics are Memory Enhancement, Mind and Self-empowerment, Hormonal Balance, and Joyful life. In blissful sound neurobics the frequency level in all the body cells and tissues to 2000 Hz

per second triggering and production of endorphins in the brain.

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