Constant stress at work, staring at a computer screen, making deals, breaking deals, meeting demanding deadlines, and negotiating office politics – pressures like these have been propelling us into Yoga classes for years. But what if your exhausting work schedule makes it tough to get to yoga classes. Yoga at Work would like to offer you a package to heal, energize, and keep your employees happy and healthy.

The heart of every organization is the people who make things hap We will work with you to create and sustain an enviable workplace where Monday morning is more exciting than Friday afternoon. By developing a leadership culture, increase employee engagement, align staff with your vision and purpose, and build a culture that employees actually believe in.

Your workplace will be both happy and productive.

We bring the ancient tradition of yoga and the benefits of this practice into context with our modern-day challenges in work and life. Problems like stress, muscular pain, spondylitis, slip disk, hypertension, hyperacidity, arthritis, and sleeping disorders are engulfing not only the older population but also the young. Our corporate yoga & Meditation classes are in answer to prayers for relief from constant stress at work, meeting demanding deadlines, multi-tasking, long working hours on the computer, long phone calls, irregular eating habits, rigorous travel, night shifts/ odd working hours, etc. It is a complete program for mind-body health, personal challenges, and acceptance. And we can help you build a corporate culture that will attract and retain talented people who believe in your vision and work passionately to achieve it.

The sessions comprise of a series of Asanas, Pranayama, meditation, and relaxation techniques and are non-competitive. Every practitioner works at their own comfortable level of intensity.

Healthy Employees Are More Productive

First-time yoga students will feel perfectly comfortable working alongside more experienced students. Personal attention is given to participants with specific health problems. Learn to relieve eye strain, neck pain, back pain, shoulder strain, carpal tunnel, etc. with simple modifications to postures at your own personal work space. Easy to do and remember, these sessions can help discover the new and younger you with just 3 to 4 minutes of self-help, 4/5 times a day.

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