Shatkarma is a Yogic technique which is used for the purification of our body. This removes the waste from our body. The results of Shatkarma techniques are very useful and wondrous.

Great yogis gave many importances to certain cleansing processes. Body cleansing is doing with the help of Shatkarma or six purification techniques. These techniques are very useful for the point of physical and mental health, which helps us for healing the internal disorders.

The shatkarma affects and activates almost all of our vital systems in the body, especially the digestive, respiratory, circulatory, and nervous systems. Every individual organ of importance, like the food pipe, stomach, colon, lungs, and ears, receives equal attention. These purificatory processes are both preventive and curative.

The shatkarma is a very powerful practice, which is not advisable to be learned from books or taught by inexperienced people because it required lots of precautions also. If unqualified people teach them they are likely to make serious mistakes. Also, one can make mistakes if one practice

them independently without the aid of a qualified and experienced instructor.

Techniques of Shatkarma

This process is to clean the nasal, which includes the Jala neti and Sutra neti. Jalneti : In doing jalneti take lukewarm saline water in a barrelled tumbler and put it in that nostril which is breathing predominantly and bend the head on the other side. This will fill water in the first nostril and then water will flow out from the other nostril. Similarly, put water in the second nostril and let it flow out of the first one. While performing this act keep the mouth open and breath through the mouth only. After performing Jalneti it is essential to take out the remaining water out of the nostrils. Therefore after doing it Kapal Bharti must be performed. Sutraneti : Sit in Kagasana, put the thread in hot saline water wet it completely. Make the twisted portion into a semicircular shape and put it gradually in that nostril which is breathing predominantly. When the thread reaches the throat then hold it with index and middle finger and pull it out gradually. Similarly, do it in the other nostril. After sutraneti it is essential to do the jalneti. The first time when sutraneti is done it is advisable to put a few drops of pure ghee in the nostril on the previous night.

Sit in Kagasana and full your stomach with hot water, then stand and bend down. Then keep the left hand on the stomach and with three fingers of the right hand, couch, and move on the inner tongue. When water starts coming out then take out the finger. As long as the water is being vomited out keep the fingers outside, thereafter immediately again move the three fingers on the small tongue within, till all the water in vointted out. Do it repeatedly. In the end, if sour or bitter water comes out, then immediately drink two glasses of hot water and take it out again.

Water should be neither too hot nor too cold. Bath either two hours before Kunjal or two hours after. Do not mix salt or saunf in the water for kinjal. Do it after having passed stool otherwise it can cause constipation. This act helps to get free from diseases of the cheek, pimples, teeth, tongue, blood, chest, constipation, acidity, gastric, cough, night blindness, asthma, drying of the mouth and throat, etc. It should not be done by heart and High Blood pressure.

It is used for cleansing the digestive tract. Take a soft thin malmal cloth almost 7 C.M broad and 5 Meters long. Wash it nicely, boil it in water and then dry it. Then roll it up like a bandage. Put it in a clean utensil having boiling water. Sit in Kagasana catch one end of the dhauti in your right hand with the index and middle finger and take it up to the small tongue in the mouth and leave it. Then try to swallow the bandage as if using food. For swallowing if need, one or two sips of water can be taken. While swallowing it if you feel vomiting then close the mouth and sit still for a while. The first day you should not swallow more than one foot. In a week’s time gradually increase it to 5er. Then immediately thereafter pull the dhauti out from the other end slowly, as long as it comes out easily pull it when obstructed drink a bit of water and pull again. This brings out both acid and gets cured, listing, and leprosy are cured. Asthan patients must practice it.

Maintain a distance of one foot between both the feet stand with both hands on the knees. Exhale and hen in the state of retention pull the belly in completely. Then put pressure on the hands and loosen the belly slightly pulling on the chest trying to pull out nauli. While doing this act watch the belly whether nauli comes out or not. By practicing repeatedly it will definitely come out. Thereafter nauli be moved to the right and left. Shake it with speed. This should be done only on an empty stomach. Before Nauli exhales the breaths then inflate and deflate the abdomen. Repeat this act again and again.

Stand with both feet together, take the left-hand fist behind the back and catch the wrist of it by the right hand. Bend forward at the angle of 90 degrees. Move the neck right and left. Up and down and take out-breath with great force while doing it. The body or back should not move only the neck should move in all the four directions. Repeat this act a number of times.

Concentrating the eyes on a particular unseen object is called trataka. There are many ways of doing it. Padmasana, Siddhasana, or Vijrasana be adopted for sitting Make a sound spot as by as a small coin on a thirty square centimeter white paper. Placed at a distance of one meter and share at it without blinking. Stare at it till tears are about to come out. Close the eyes then. By practicing it for a few days, a kind of light will be seen, to cover the spot. This cures eye ailments. Spiritually it is very efficacious.

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